How do we work with our clients?

A Proven Formula for Successful Change that STICKS!

In over 20 years of business leadership I have seen more than my share of failed projects and change efforts.  Sometimes the effort failed before it even started.  Sometimes the effort started strong but quickly faded as reality intruded.  Sometimes it even stuck for awhile, but then one day you wake up and find that things have stealthily returned to the old patterns.  Only rarely does change actually stick.  GrowMyMSP program has been designed from the beginning to overcome the three main reasons change efforts fail.


  • The Intellectual Immune System:  This is the tendency of an organization to reject foreign ideas in the same way our own immune system rejects foreign bacteria and other cells.  Ever noticed how you go to a conference or watch a webinar and you are really excited to implement something new you learned?  How often do you find that within only a few weeks or months at most you have stopped doing whatever it is and returned to your status quo?  How much more often do you stick with changes when they are your own ideas or those of your own team?  This is why so many consultant led change missions fail miserably.  When the consultant plops down their binder full of “solutions” and tries to paint their own systems and methods over your existing order, the system bides it’s time and silently begins changing things back as soon as they leave.  GrowMyMSP’s coaching method, as opposed to consulting, works with you to identify and develop your OWN solutions and strategies, founded in your company DNA, instead of imposing ours.  We believe it is our job to bring you experience, wisdom, and perspective, but the solutions come from within.
  • The Feast or Famine Tendency:  This refers to the tendency of organizations to approach change and strategy at one of two speeds.  Either dead stop of 1000 miles and hour.  You have a strategic retreat, a planning day, or perhaps attend an industry conference.  You come back with 20 things you are going to do all at once.  You put everything in motion at once, and just as quickly you and your team become overwhelmed.  The journey to breakthrough success is a marathon, not a sprint.  People can only sustain 1 to 3 changes at a time, depending on how much change is involved.  Sometimes big changes have to be made in small increments.  GrowMyMSP’s method stressing a objective strategy for finding the MOST IMPORTANT 1-3 winning moves at any given point and keeping a holding pen for the remainder of the moves.  Quarter by quarter we focus on the compounding power of incremental improvements to achieve breakthrough results.
  • The Death of a Thousand Distractions Dynamic:  Stephen Covey, in his seminal work the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, talks about the idea of a matrix of tasks with Importance on one axis and Urgency on the other.  Most of us find ourselves spending most (if not all) of our time working on the urgent things on our plate, whether they are important or not.  Unfortunately most of the things that will make a truly transformative impact on your practice may be important but they are not urgent.  No one is standing at your desk or ringing your phone demanding your 5 year growth plan, or the blueprint for provisioning your services.  Engaging GrowMyMSP, especially our ongoing Accelerate program, gives you the accountability and support of an experienced team member who keeps the focus on those important but not urgent items that will deliver real results in your practice, instead of just putting out fires.

We invite you to explore how we work with our clients to overcome these three impediments to successful change at each phase of our engagement with our clients.  It is this human and organizational behavior based approach to achieving results that lets us offer our unique 10x ROI guarantee.